Monday, June 9, 2008

MegaMan Hare Hare Yukai

That brings memories ^.^

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hare Hare Yukai Life Dance Video

Hare Hare Yukai Real Dance Video

wow the yuse teens for voice actors for teen characters, in america we use adults who sound nothing like teens...IN AMERICA. they're only lip singing because no one could be that hyper and jumpy and be able to sing at the same time. But! OMG!!!! i love that dance it's soooo CUTE ^_^

Hare Hare Yukai Dance Video File Download

Hare Hare Yukai Dance Video File Download

AVI version (43.8MB, XViD)
AVI mirror (43.8MB, XViD)
PSP version (12.6MB)
PSP mirror (12.6MB)
YouTube version

I want to see Haruhi, Mikuru, Yuki, Kyon, and Itsuki doing their silly dance from start to finish. Imagine my surprise when I went to the official site and finds out that one of the extras in the last DVD is indeed the full dance version of Hare Hare Yukai.